Gillie Jenkinson - Advisory Board Member - Counsellor and Psychotherapist - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Our Advisory Board member Gillie Jenkinson, PhD, will be offering a two-day seminar for mental health providers, “Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Coercive and Radical Cultic Groups & Spiritual Abuse”, on Friday, September 28th to Saturday the 29th, at the Existential Academy in London. The two-day course will focus on understanding cults, how they exist, and their impact on an individual on a deeper level, moving on to understanding the recovery options available for survivors.

Participants will discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • What is a cult and why do definitions matter?
  • Differences between First Generation Adults (joined) and Second & Multi-Generation Adults (born and/or raised)
  • The cult mind-set from Gestalt Psychotherapy theory perspective
  • What is thought-reform (brainwashing) – brief introduction
  • What is the harm caused?
  • The rationale for working with cult pseudo-personality
  • Understanding cult related introjects
  • What does recovery look like?
  • The therapeutic relationship when working with former members and mistakes counsellors can make
  • Consultancy on specific cases

For more information, consult the Existential Academy, or Gillie at Hope Valley Counseling.