Welcome to the Open Minds Foundation 2020


Imagine a world without human trafficking, domestic abuse, fake news, political propaganda, religious extremism or cults. These are just some of the deep-rooted societal issues we can change, if we evolve our education systems to encourage critical thinking, and use it to undermine coercive control. 

No one is born with a desire for physical or emotional abuse, to die unnecessarily because of faith-based beliefs, or to injure innocent people for their cause, yet these things happen to millions of people every day. All are victims of coercion, which uses manipulation techniques to control and command victims, especially young people, to act against their own best interests. Sadly, we live in a world where coercion is rife, but we don’t provide young people with the tools to recognize and prevent it.

Our mission is to change that, by giving young people, their educators and their caregivers, the tools to recognize coercion in its many forms and prevent its effects on society. The Open Minds Foundation is a charitable collective, guided by experts and those with personal experience, and seeking to change these deep-rooted societal issues.

We are currently working on our website and a new version will be live in the coming weeks, packed full of helpful definitions, useful information and an accessible support network. Watch this space…