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What is Manipulation?

What is a human predator? How do you spot one?
Why do people join destructive groups?
Why do they stay? We answer these questions and more.


Healthy Skepticism

How to spot a bamboozle, critical thinking, good emotional hygiene, and ways to protect yourself and others.


Journey to Autonomy

From helping someone escape from an abusive situation, to
recovery strategies and how to find the right therapist, we
offer solutions to undo undue influence and heal the harm.

Opening Minds by Jon Atack

Opening Minds

The Secret World of Manipulation, Undue Influence and Brainwashing

by Jon Atack

We live in an age where unethical persuasion is applied every day, all day long, to bypass reasoning through direct appeals to our emotions. Throughout history, people have been unwittingly influenced to act against their own best interests. But today, even more sophisticated forms of influence are being devised, posing a significant threat to a free and open society. The knowledge in this book is vital for those who wish to help their loved ones spot, resist and escape from the many traps of undue influence in our world.

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Faces of Manipulation

Opening Minds by Jon Atack

Intelligent Disobedience

Doing Right When What You’re Told to Do is Wrong

by Ira Chaleff

Torture in Abu Ghraib prison. Corporate fraud. Falsified records at Veterans Administration hospitals. Teachers pressured to feed test answers to students. These scandals could have been prevented if, early on, people had said no to their higher ups. In this timely new book, Ira Chaleff goes deeply into when and how to disobey inappropriate orders, reduce unacceptable risk, and find better ways to achieve legitimate goals.

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Healthy Skepticism

We are surrounded by predators who want to control our thoughts and actions. Here we show you how to resist them.