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Open Minds Foundation: progress update

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In the last six weeks, we’ve made two significant leaps in bringing our critical thinking education to the masses:

  1. We have secured a monthly contribution with online publisher Psychology Today, sharing our expertise in a blog entitled ‘the art of education’. You can view the blog and our first contribution here +
  2. We have secured initial interest from a UK education resource provider to incorporate our brand new critical thinking resources into their library, as well as funding us to produce additional resources too. Their resources are utilised in thousands of schools, and have the potential to reach 2.5million children in the UK. We are at the early stages of discussion, but will keep you posted on our progress.

We believe that critical thinking helps to foster self-mastery, and in doing so provides individual protection against coercive control. It helps to address current failings in western education systems, and works much like the ‘prebunking’ campaigns that are currently helping combat fake news and disinformation.

When we overhauled the charity in 2021, we were proud of our heritage and the position we had secured as a go-to leader for information on coercive control. But we knew we needed a way to make more of a tangible impact, achieving our vision of ‘a world without coercion’. Working with our committed board and experts, we identified that there are plenty of resources dedicated to recovery from coercive control, but limited resources dedicated to its prevention at an individual level. We knew we needed to change that, providing the resources to teach people to improve their critical thinking, thus improving their own defences against nefarious individuals and groups. Open Minds 2.0 was born.

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