This charming and informative white-board video, narrated by our Advisory Board Member, notable author Robert B. Cialdini and his associate Steve Martin, illustrates Cialdini’s six original laws of persuasion. Made before Cialdini revised his list of the principles of influence to include the law of Unity, this video is an excellent tool for teaching the scientific reasons that we say “yes”, with a focus on the ethical, cooperative uses of those principles.

Although we have cited this video before as part of a previous blogpost, it seems fitting again to highlight this original, light-hearted look at Cialdini’s principles, to remind ourselves that the methods of persuasion used by predators to harm are the same methods we all use to keep our society together. Influence is everywhere; the difference is the way it is used, and how much.

This video is one of our “house” favorites; enjoy!


And be sure to check out Robert B. Cialdini’s excellent book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade.