Barbara Anderson is an outspoken critic of groups that attempt to silence victims or parents of victims from reporting child sexual abuse to the authorities.

But she was an unlikely candidate for that role for most of her life, having invested her time in a pseudo-religious group, which had unduly influenced her to believe that their policies were Bible-based and inspired by God: that father knows best.

However, after working ten years at world headquarters for Jehovah’s Witnesses, she discovered the group was not governed by an all-wise God, as she’d been led to believe. While working in the Writing Department, something terrible happened and she experienced a crisis of conscience, which would change her life forever.

Her inspirational story makes Barbara Anderson Uncensored a must-read. But, the book is much more than that. While she compellingly narrates her life story, author Jon Atack and Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed., psychotherapist, take us behind the scenes to give us their insights and unprecedented commentary on the mind manipulation techniques Barbara was subjected to while still a Jehovah’s Witness.

Barbara’s ultimate valor in the face of an epic David vs Goliath battle to protect children against the policies of an international organization demonstrates how the efforts of one person, who stands up for right, truly can affect change. Detroit artist Carl Wilson’s colorful imagery of Barbara says it all:

This book was made possible due to a grant/gift from the Open Minds Foundation. All royalties from the book will be used to safeguard young people, ages 5 to 35, from undue/predatory influence.

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