Steven Hassan, M.Ed., LMHC, NCC - Advisory Board Member - Counselor, Consultant, Teacher & Lecturer - Massachusetts, USA

Steven Hassan

In this video, OMF board member Steven Hassan introduces his new weekly video blog. He discusses the importance of a “minimally invasive and maximally loving” approach when dealing with family members who are in an abusive relationship or group, advocating what he calls a “strategic interaction approach” of conversation and education. He also advises caution to family members when discussing their intent to rescue their loved ones from larger groups, as many of these organizations are watching online and will do their best to hamper the process of escape from their influence.

Is it possible to help someone who has been in an abusive, high-control group for thirty years? “Of course!” Steven assures us. “People really do want to wake up and reclaim their power.” It is possible to help a loved one escape from even the most controlling situations with love and careful education about social controls, as well as training in reality-testing.

We trust you’ll find this video informative; stay tuned for more from Steven and the Freedom of Mind Resource Center.