One of the problems facing those who seek justice after being unduly influenced is that our legal system operates on the assumption that, once we reach the age of consent, all our decisions are made rationally and reflect our own free will. However, when we are unduly influenced, our rational minds have been subverted by manipulation, and our decisions no longer reflect our own free will, but rather that of the person or organization manipulating us. Because of this dilemma, many professionals are working to reform the legal system to reflect the true effect undue influence has in our lives.

One of these professionals is OMF Advisory Board Member Steven Hassan, who, as part of his doctoral dissertation, is doing research to help develop a valid scientific instrument to evaluate undue influence. As he explains in his blogpost: “Our purpose is to conduct and publish research on undue influence in order to develop the scientific knowledge needed to update legal and social policies to reflect the current understanding of bioethics and to help diverse individuals and groups affected by undue influence.”

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and will contribute valuable data to help make our legal system more responsive to – and aware of – the full extent of undue influence.

You may take the survey here.