Jon Atack and Yuval Laor Discuss “Wild Wild Country” with Kirk Honda

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Jon Atack, our Director of Projects and Managing Editor, and Yuval Laor, our Review Board Research Coordinator, visit Kirk Honda’s popular “Psychology in Seattle” podcast to discuss the Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country,” a look at the controversial interactions between the Rajneesh cult and the small town in Oregon where they settled. Jon, Yuval and Kirk talk about what they liked about the documentary, what they felt could have been done better, and the actual mechanics of the process of indoctrination into high-control groups. This fascinating interview is filled with compassionate humor and thought-provoking insight. Enjoy!

This article was compiled by the Open Minds Editorial Staff.

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  1. L. Hall December 2, 2018 at 10:17 am - Reply

    Dear Mr Atack, I’d like to thank you in particular for having “taken a shot” at the nonsense surrounding “Mindfulness” etc – in addition to our desire as Westerners to just accept anything from the East as being somehow intrinsically trustworthy. I’ve lost a close friend to a horrible pseudo-Buddhist group and I doubt I’m alone in finding the lack of curiosity and willingness to trust any old crap from the “East” an appalling tendency. For some reason, people stop asking questions. I suspect they don’t wish to appear “rude”. I have no such qualms.

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