Our friend Ira Chaleff is currently offering a series of informative talks, workshops and classes on Courageous Followership and Intelligent Disobedience.

Starting with his “Leadership and Followership Practitioners’ Certification Course”, he will be focusing on developing other trainers to incorporate courageous follower training into their own offerings for their clients. He shall be conducting a two day training on October 17 and 18, following on the heels of the International Leadership Association 19th Annual Global Conference being held in Brussels, Belgium on October 12 – 15.

Ira has also been working on helping create a culture of Intelligent Disobedience in Britain’s military, and has been invited to speak at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst this October.

Ira continues his work in the sphere of early education as well; the Council for International Schools (CIS) has invited him to the Netherlands to conduct a day-long workshop with their professional staff from around the globe on Courageous Followership and Intelligent Disobedience.

For more information on these events and how Ira is helping spread the message of Intelligent Disobedience worldwide, consult his excellent newsletter.

We are proud of all the hard work Ira Chaleff is doing to create a world where people are encouraged and empowered to think for themselves. We applaud Ira and his efforts!