Our friend and advisory board member Rachel Bernstein kicks off her own new podcast, IndoctriNation, in a big way: her guest is Patricia Ryan, the daughter of congressman Leo Ryan, who was murdered at the start of the Jonestown massacre in Guyana.

Rachel and Patricia discuss not only what happened at Jonestown, but also compare notes on their work in the counter-cult movement, with a fascinating look back at early harassment from members of Scientology and that group’s takeover of the Cult Awareness Network. Their talk also covers how high-control groups indoctrinate their members through guilt and phobia induction, how (and why) destructive cults keep their members isolated from the outside world, and the importance of the work of those committed individuals who help people out of abusive relationships and groups.

Rachel’s goal for IndoctriNation is: “to empower our listeners to protect themselves and those they love from predators, toxic personalities, and destructive organizations.” We know she is off to a great start with this engaging and informative interview!