Why People Stay

Jon Atack and Chris Shelton

Scientology is only the starting point in this wide-ranging and informative conversation between our board members Jon Atack and Chris Shelton, as they cover a broad range of topics, from groupthink, the fundamental attribution error, [...]

Why Not Just Walk Away?

"If it’s so bad, why not just walk away?” Undue influence creeps up on you. It wasn’t so bad at the start; in fact, it was great. I felt truly alive and wonderful. I had [...]

Doubling, or the Self Divided, Part 3

Separating the 'cult identity' is relatively easy, if you know how. But, in the last couple of years, I've come to know several second-generation members, and they have no pre-cult identity. Often, they have been [...]

Doubling, or the Self Divided, Part 2

I have often wondered how intelligent and well-meaning people could so cheerfully commit immoral acts. Tony Ortega's fine book about Paulette Cooper's remarkably brave stand against Scientology - The Unbreakable Miss Lovely - shows that some [...]

Doubling, or the Self Divided, Part 1

Anyone who watches carefully when talking with committed cult members will notice the occasional identity shift. One minute, the eyes glitter with a fanatical shine and the next the glitter is gone and the eyes [...]

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