Steven Hassan Warns Caution With Hypnosis

Our friend and Advisory Board member, Steven Hassan, has recently published a compelling blogpost and video urging caution to those who seek spiritual, emotional, or psychological help through hypnotherapy, guided meditation, or other forms of visualization [...]

The Countess and the Counselor

On September 4, the Daily Mail reported a court battle between the Countess of Caledon and self-styled 'personal development coach' Anne Craig. The Countess alleges that her 27-year-old daughter has become estranged from her mother [...]

Smoke and Mirrors

I have a weekly Q&A show where I answer questions about Scientology and talk about issues involving critical thinking, a subject I've been quite passionate about since I left Scientology three years ago.  Recently, someone asked [...]

Unhealthy Eating

We are bombarded with elaborate advice by self-styled health gurus. This advice can seem convincing and well-researched, but all too often this is simply not the case: 'experts' can turn out to be nothing more [...]