How Easy is it to Trick the Brain?

Psychological studies have repeatedly shown how easily rational thinking is bypassed. Our perceptions are limited, and we interpret the meaning of those perceptions automatically. We “fill in” reasons for events that are hard to understand. [...]

Steven Hassan Warns Caution With Hypnosis

Our friend and Advisory Board member, Steven Hassan, has recently published a compelling blogpost and video urging caution to those who seek spiritual, emotional, or psychological help through hypnotherapy, guided meditation, or other forms of visualization [...]

The Countess and the Counselor

On September 4, the Daily Mail reported a court battle between the Countess of Caledon and self-styled 'personal development coach' Anne Craig. The Countess alleges that her 27-year-old daughter has become estranged from her mother [...]

Better Words: Hypnosis

Sometimes words become so complicated that it takes a paragraph to dispel the meanings attributed to them. Terms like hypnosis, trance or suggestibility invoke a natural caution. These words conjure up images of a watch-swinging [...]