Psychological Abuse

Let’s Make Some Memories, Part 2

Advances in the understanding of memory have come on in leaps and bounds since Eric Kandel first isolated the physiology of memory back in the last century. Psychologists used to say that 'memory is not [...]

Let’s Make Some Memories, Part 1

Witch-hunting did not end in Salem, Massachusetts, in the 17th century: it came back to haunt us 300 years later, in the 1980s, with serious allegations of Satanic ritual abuse throughout the English-speaking world. In [...]


One of the biggest myths within organized religion is that the clergy speaks for God, or, at least has some better line of communication to the Divine than the average person. This, is, of course, complete [...]

Phobia Induction and Desensitization

Without enough human hearts to gorge on, Huitzilipochtli would leave the sun standing still in the sky and bring down catastrophe upon the whole Aztec empire: the crops would wither and the children would die. [...]

Information Phobia

WWhen I left Scientology, I was surprised that most of my co-believers were  unwilling to consider any information which conflicted with their belief. As a member, I'd read two critical books and skimmed a couple [...]

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