A friend forwarded a link to this documentary in German, along with a short description. If any of our German-speaking readers would like to tell us about it, please do so!

Author Ariela Bogenberger describes her indocrination into, involvement with, and withdrawal from, a high-control group in Germany. This group caused a media sensation in September 2015, when 29 members, among them doctors, naturopaths and psychologists, had to be rushed to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmias, hallucinations and convulsions, due to mass poisoning via hallucinogens during a seminar.

Ms. Bogenberger, who had, at the time of the resultant criminal proceedings against the group, already decided to share her doubts about the organization with the public, is now speaking out, and not just for herself: “I have found out on my own that it is possible to be profoundly manipulated,” says Bogenberger. “My story is NOT a single case. That’s why I’m talking.”

With the aid of filmmaker Petra K. Wagner, Ariela Bogenberger’s valuable story – and her insights on indoctrination, responsibility, guilt, the search for recognition, and the desire for love – have been captured in this compelling documentary.