Families for LifeFamilies For Life logo is a UK organization that has, as its purpose, the mission of “Supporting and empowering families to combat radicalization”. A recent interview on BBC News Hardtalk with Nicola Benyahia gives an excellent introduction to their services; the organization works within the guidelines of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Nicola Benyahia is from an English family. She converted to Islam before her marriage. She first knew that her son had been radicalized after he had left to join Daesh/ISIS in Syria. She was able to maintain contact with him by phone, until his death in that conflict. She is convinced that her son – a gentle and friendly young man – was “brainwashed”.

At Open Minds, we work to prevent radicalization, by showing people how to identify predators and their recruitment techniques. We are well aware that , and that Wahhabi groups, like Daesh and Al Qaeda, only want to stir up persecution of Muslims to increase their numbers. We applaud Families for life and their vision of “creating stronger, united communities to build resilience against all forms of extremism, through better awareness and the promotion of tolerance, compassion and mutual respect”.