Despite national UK figures that show almost twice as many women are killed due to domestic violence as men, one region of the UK, Cornwall, is launching a campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence against men, working to help change the stigma associated with such incidents.

In Cornwall, four of the five most recent deaths from domestic violence were men and authorities have said they are working on tackling the issue, particularly to overcome the stigma which may mean many male domestic violence victims slip through the net.

As well as launching an awareness campaign, Cornwall is one of the first places in the UK to have an all-male residential refuge, which was launched last year.

The changes come after the death of Alan Clinch, 49, who was stabbed with a pair of scissors by his wife, after an argument about cleaning in 2012. A review of his death, published last year, recommended the Safer Cornwall Partnership should raise public and professional awareness of male victimisation. It also found that victims are ‘reluctant to tell’.

According to Home Office Statistics, in England and Wales, 190 people are killed on average each year, of which 60 were men. 109 people (20 men) were killed by partners and 18% of men and 31% of women have experienced domestic abuse during adulthood.

Domestic violence is just one example of undue influence, where individuals exploit a position of trust, to abuse another individual.

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