How Easy is it to Trick the Brain?

By |2019-06-08T22:41:50+00:00June 7th, 2019|Exploitative Techniques, Brainwashing, Coercion, Exploitation, Hypnosis, Indoctrination, Mind Control, Undue Influence, Manipulation, Propaganda, Thought Reform|

Psychological studies have repeatedly shown how easily rational thinking is bypassed. Our perceptions are limited, and we interpret the meaning of those perceptions automatically. We “fill in” reasons for events that are hard to understand. [...]

Open Minds On Air 7 – Communication or Miscommunication?

By |2018-09-29T01:47:37+00:00September 29th, 2018|Indoctrination, Recovery Strategies, Intelligent Disobedience, Totalitarianism, Critical Thinking, How to Talk to Children, Interviews|

This month, Christian Szurko of the Dialog Centre returns, joining Jon and Pearse in this informative, witty, and often hilarious discussion. They start with the idea of how communication is used – or, rather, misused [...]

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