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Skepticism is True Life Insurance

Healthy skepticism allows us to question claims and promises that there is little or no evidence for – checking any supernatural claim exemplifies healthy skepticism.

Intelligent Disobedience

We need to be able to voice our concerns, to assert our rights, and to stand up to injustice. Intelligent disobedience is “doing right when what you’re told to do is wrong.” Guide dogs are taught to refuse any order that will harm their owner. Children who have been taught intelligent disobedience & skepticism can assert their own concerns and needs, rather than simply following orders.
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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to make decisions based upon evidence rather than emotions. Critical thinking helps us to collect and consider the facts, understand the bigger picture, and avoid the appeals to emotion that so often derail reasoning.
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Bamboozle Detection

If we ask the right questions, any scam or trick will fall apart. It is surprising how obvious manipulation techniques become when you know what they are. This is our baloney detection kit.
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How to Talk to Children

It is important that children learn how to spot human predators as early as possible. Children who are taught intelligent disobedience are far less likely to be attracted by such predators. Children need simple explanations and ways to easily absorb those explanations. John Gottman’s Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child shows how to share your own understanding with children.
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Courageous Followership

Courageous followers speak truth to power. We must learn how to stand up to the excesses of our leaders and overcome the groupthink urge to simply do as we are told. We can only have ethical leaders if we are courageous followers.
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