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by Jon Atack

Taking Advantage of Another

Undue influence is the accepted legal term where one person takes advantage of another because of an imbalance of authority or power in the relationship. The expression dates back many centuries, and is recognized by courts around the globe.

Undue Influence - Exploitative Techniques

There is a presumption of undue influence in any authority relationship. So, if you make gifts to your attorney, doctor, clergy member or therapist, you can claim the gifts back at a later date, if you believe that you were simply responding to their influence.

Express Undue Influence

Express undue influence means that particular methods have been used to create an unbalanced relationship, with a predator using these methods to gain authority. This can range from psychological manipulation, to false imprisonment and physical intimidation. Techniques like triangulation and gaslighting are psychological aspects of express undue influence. All of the methods of manipulation fit into this category.

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