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by Jon Atack

Who Controls My Mind?

Mind control is the use of coercive and manipulative techniques to reconstruct belief and behavior in the victim and impair their ability to make independent decisions.

Mind Control - Exploitative Techniques

US Mind Control Programs

The US military began “mind control” experiments immediately after World War Two. It was believed that the Russians had already found ways of breaking people and enforcing psychological submission, because of the “Show Trials”, where senior officials had confessed to impossible crimes.

Drug Experiments

Mind control programs endorsed by US, British and Canadian intelligence agencies affected thousands of innocent citizens. LSD was introduced to the student population through these programs. The drug BZ, now a prohibited substance under the Chemical Warfare Convention, leaves the victim prone to crippling psychotic flashbacks that can last for days, was given to thousands of military personnel. An article referring to a declassified report “The Story of the Drug BZ” alleges that drug trials were carried out on “hundreds of thousands” of people. See also “The Mind Manipulators: A Non-Fiction Account”.

Behavior Modification

Mind control and behavior modification programs were run by eminent psychiatrists. In Canada, Ewen Cameron, head of both the American Psychiatric Association and the World Psychiatric Association, violated the rights of mental patients, using electric shocks to destroy memory as part of Project MKUltra.

The Moonies

In South Korea, Sun Myung Moon developed a “de-brainwashing” program based upon Chinese methods for his group Victory Over Communism. He would later create the Unification Church – or Moonies – along with officers of the Korean CIA. Other cult leaders have undoubtedly studied and applied these techniques.

The Cult World

The term “mind control” was adopted by the counter-cult movement in the 1970s, and popularized through Steven Hassan’s highly-influential book,
Combating Cult Mind Control.

It is sometimes more accurate and always less emotive to use the terms “manipulation” and “undue influence”, rather than “mind control”, as these do not rely on the use of torture, restraint or drugs. However, the use of sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition (especially through high-carbohydrate diets) and isolation are commonplace in destructive cults, some of which could be accused of torture and restraint, and some of which have also used hallucinogens, so the use of the term is entirely understandable.

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