How Easy is it to Trick the Brain?

Psychological studies have repeatedly shown how easily rational thinking is bypassed. Our perceptions are limited, and we interpret the meaning of those perceptions automatically. We “fill in” reasons for events that are hard to understand. [...]


Open Minds would like to give a shout-out to bestselling author Cass R. Sunstein and his new book, Conformity. In the book, “Sunstein argues that the key to making sense of living in this fractured [...]

Faith-based Medical Neglect and Undue Influence

With more than 8,000,000 purported members, it is likely Jehovah's Witnesses are the foremost example of faith-based medical neglect and undue influence. Although they have abandoned their anti-vaccination policy (1952), and their organ transplant policy [...]

Sexual Addiction or Coercive Control?

As he topples from the heights, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein blames his behavior on sexual addiction, but is it sexual addiction or is it simply coercive control? Is Weinstein in any way a victim, or [...]

Subscriptions, Sales and Slavery

Here in America, they're a perennial sight in any suburban neighbourhood, particularly during the summer months. You hear a knock on your door and open it to find a youngish person, usually just out of their teens. [...]

The UK’s New Initiative on Slavery

Within weeks of her appointment, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced additional funding of £33.5 million to combat human trafficking and slavery. In 2012, the UN's International Labour Organisation reported that there were almost 21 million slaves [...]

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