If you've already taken and enjoyed our Laws of Influence quiz, then here's an extra challenge. See how much you really know about Cialdini's Seven Laws of Influence!

Humans aren’t the only ones who are influenced by the principle of Consensus. Which of these inventions takes advantage of this?

Which iconic advertising device relies on the principle of Consensus?

A politician uses the principle of Unity when:

An ethical use of the principle of Unity would be:

You want to encourage a wealthy golf enthusiast into promoting your fake charity. What’s the best way to sweeten the deal?

Someone who wants you to buy into a pyramid scheme will:

A predator grooming a child for abuse will:

Many ordinary, otherwise compassionate people will do anything, even deliver a lethal jolt of electricity, if they:

I’m much more likely to refuse lifesaving medical care if:

Which of these emotionally manipulative phrases uses the principle of Scarcity?

When time-share fraudsters want to seal the deal on your exclusive lakeside bungalow that will absolutely be snapped up if you don’t act now, what is the last thing they want you to know?

Which of these clichés is a reflection of the principle of Commitment & Consistency?

We are more likely to tell a lie to a stranger if:

Which falsehood uses the principle of Liking?

When you are attending a meeting of a high-control group for the first time, it is most likely that: