History of Manipulation

The long history of undue influence

Undue influence has been recognized in law for more than 500 years. It is a legitimate legal concept to provide remedy for the victims of swindlers. The law of undue influence was framed because of [...]

Jon Atack and Chris Shelton

Scientology is only the starting point in this wide-ranging and informative conversation between our board members Jon Atack and Chris Shelton, as they cover a broad range of topics, from groupthink, the fundamental attribution error, [...]

Awe – due or undue influence?

Rex Basterfield’s piece on undue awe provokes several reactions in me. I long ago realized that people often follow rituals – including psychotherapy rituals – in the hope that they will achieve heightened emotions. We [...]

Erich Fromm on Predatory Narcissists

Predatory narcissists were a focus for Erich Fromm, the psychotherapist and humanist who continues to influence public opinion with his well-considered and caring texts. I've recently made the acquaintance of Dan Shaw, and I'm delighted [...]

Discovering the Secret World

Jon Atack's new book, Opening Minds: the secret world of manipulation, undue influence and brainwashing, will change the way you think about your friends and family members. They are not as safe and secure as [...]

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