Yves Messer
  • Cambridge
    United Kingdom

Yves Messer

Advisory Board Member

Yves worked in France and Germany as a full time member of Lyndon LaRouche’s destructive American political cult from 1983 until his defection in 1994. During his time in the group, he was a recruiter, fundraiser and journalist but was also part of their “intelligence/security” operations. In France, in 1992-93 he helped to organize an aid convoy to besieged Sarajevo during the Bosnian war: 60 vehicles carrying 350 tons of goods for a city of 200,000 people, after raising nearly US$1 million. His experience with the aid convoy led him to realize that the LaRouche group was just a fraud and a cult, and he decided to leave.

In 2006, Yves joined Erica Duggan’s “Justice for Jeremiah” Campaign. Erica’s son Jeremiah was found dead in suspicious circumstances in Germany when attending a LaRouche conference. The police decided that Jeremiah had committed suicide and closed the case. On 19-21 May 2015, Yves questioned as an expert witness in a new inquest opened in London to investigate Jeremiah Duggan’s suspicious death. The Coroner ruled that Jeremiah’s death was not caused by suicide. Yves’ efforts to expose the LaRouche cult are detailed in Steve Hassan’s Combating Cult Mind Control (second edition, 2015). Yves works as a portrait painter artist in the U.K. and helps to run a support group for former members and survivors of undue influence.