Ruben Ortiz

Ruben Ortiz

Public Relations

Ruben Ortiz Jr. is a Transitional Specialist and Social Media Manager, who is also an activist educating and helping others transition out of high-control groups. Before starting as the Social Media Manager for The Open Minds Foundation, Ruben Ortiz spent thirteen years working as a Career Transition Manager for Job Corps covering the states of New York and New Jersey. His team helped at-risk youth transition from their residential life on the Job Corps campus to their lives outside of Job Corps, placing them in jobs, helping them find opportunities to further their education, and helping them with other needs.

Ruben is a former Jehovah’s Witness and spent twelve years as the main moderator and creator of an online support group for former JW’s. Ruben continues to assist former members of high-control groups through his role at The Open Minds Foundation and as a consultant for an upcoming feature film. Ruben enjoys spending quality time with his family and loves to travel. You can reach Ruben Ortiz at (646) 403-1093 and his email is [email protected]

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