Philip Zimbardo
  • San Francisco

Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

A professor emeritus at Stanford University and creator of The Stanford Prison Experiment, Dr. Zimbardo has spent over 50 years teaching and studying psychology. Dr. Zimbardo currently lectures worldwide and is actively working to promote his non-profit The Heroic Imagination Project  His current research looks at the psychology of heroism. He asks: “What pushes some people to become perpetrators of evil, while others act heroically on behalf of those in need?”

Prior to his heroism work, he served as President of the American Psychological Association and designed and narrated the award winning 26-part PBS series, Discovering Psychology.  He has published more than 50 books and 400 professional and popular articles and chapters, among them, Shyness, The Lucifer Effect, The Time CureThe Time Paradox, and most recently, Man, Interrupted.​


  • 1959  – Yale University
    Ph.D. in Psychology
  • 1955  – Yale University
    M.A. in Psychology
  • 1954 – City University of New York-Brooklyn College
    B.A. with a triple major in psychology, sociology, and anthropology from Brooklyn College in 1954, where he graduated summa cum laude


  • The Heroic Imagination Project
    2008 – Present
  • Psy.D. Consortium – Palo Alto University
    2006 – Present
  • PG Zimbardo Inc.
    1973 – Present
    Executive Director
    2006 – 2013

Selected Publications by Philip Zimbardo:

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  • Zimbardo, P. (2007). The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil. New York, NY: Random House.
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