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Luigi Corvaglia

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Psychologist and psychotherapist Luigi Corvaglia has spent his career pondering freedom and its paradoxes. He has published essays on this subject, and given lectures in many countries. As a liberal and free-thinker, he has long participatedin the internal debate among anarchists and libertarians, highlighting the cultish and authoritarian aspects of some of their beliefs.

Luigi works at the Bari Health Unit, a drug counseling service. His work has focused his attention on free will and ideas of rational choice. This focus has proved useful in his encounters with coercive groups, and as a therapist working with former followers of such groups. These experiences have brought him not only to highlight the features common to various forms of mind control and undue influence, but also to understand the devious use that cult apologists make of concepts like “persuasion” and “free choice”.

Luigi Corvaglia has dedicated himself to unmasking the psychological tricks used by cult apologists to defend high-control groups, underlining the contradictions posed by academics who claim to defend the civil rights and freedoms of the individual, while in reality defending totalitarian groups that deny those rights and freedoms to their members.

Luigi is president of CeSAP (Centro Studi Abusi Psicologici – Center for Psychological Abuse Studies) in Italy, and a member of both the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee of FECRIS (European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects). He is an Honorary Magistrate at the Court of Appeal of the Court of Bari and a co-chair of Criminology at the University of Salento.

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