Karin “Spike” Robinson
  • Vermont
    United States

Karin “Spike” Robinson

Advisory Board Coordinator & Assistant Editor

Karin “Spike” Robinson was born in New Jersey and raised in Vermont; she
was educated as a writer, musician and composer; she finished her a
bachelor’s degree in music theory with a minor in English literature at the
University of Vermont, then going on to earn her masters’ degree in
composition at Bowling Green State University, before becoming involved in a
“ritual magick” micro-cult in the early 1990’s.

After her exit and as part of her recovery, she became fascinated with the
mechanics of undue influence and thought reform, studying much of the
available materials on cults and abusive relationships, becoming active in the
ex-cult community, particularly with former Scientologists.

She works closely with noted author Jon Atack as his assistant, helping him
publish his book, Opening Minds, as both illustrator and editor. She works for
the Open Minds Foundation as blogger, writer, researcher, editor, and general
coordinator. Her specialty is using popular culture and folklore to explore the
issues of coercive control; her goal is to help create a world free of harmful

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