Adrian Oertli
  • Zurich

Adrian Oertli

Advisory Board Member

Adrian studied from 2001-2009 Clinical Psychology, Psychopathy and Criminology and received his master’s degree in 2009, in Zurich. His master’s thesis was about the relationship of engagement in airsoft gun play and violent behavior.

At that time, he also belonged to a left extremist group sympathizing with the Red Army Faction or Red Brigades. He was expelled from the group, after he started strenuously questioning the importance of violence to achieve a truly democratic society.

Adrian is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy at the Klaus Grawe Institute in Zurich: an integrative approach with a focus on interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He expects to receive the degree at the beginning of 2018.

Since 2010, Adrian has worked as a psychotherapist in different fields with a wide variety of patients from forensic cases to burned-out patients. Since 2016, he has worked at a hospital for homeless and severely addicted people. Adrian has also given therapy to people outside the hospital, and also specializes in exit-counseling from cultic or extremist groups/gangs.

Adrian is also involved in promoting nonviolence and cult education in the protest/alternative movement.