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Recovery Begins With a Moment of Doubt

The journey to autonomy begins when an abused person starts to have doubts, so it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Once out of the harmful situation, a survivor will benefit from a wide variety of recovery strategies, many of which do not require professional help. However, sometimes it is necessary to find a counselor, and it is important to find the right one. We can help in the decision. With patience, persistence, and the proper support, survivors of abusive groups and relationships become thrivers.

Helping People Escape from Abuse

The approach to helping people to escape from abuse is the same, whether from a relationship or a group. When we feel attacked, we defend ourselves, so it is vital to be friendly and considerate. Talk about shared positive experiences, rather than criticizing the predator or the group. We can help you to learn communication strategies that strengthen relationships and make it easier for an abused person to open up to you.
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Recovery Strategies

Proper nutrition, good sleep, enjoyable exercise and pleasant distractions in a safe environment are the starting points for recovery.
Understanding the methods of manipulation not only speeds recovery, but helps to guard against future manipulation. It is important to question the beliefs instilled by the cult or predator, and dismiss anything false or dangerous. If you feel overwhelmed, find a good counselor.
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It is important to question the beliefs instilled by the cult or predator, and dismiss anything false or dangerous.

Choosing the Right Therapist

If you are struggling with your journey to autonomy, you need a good counselor or psychotherapist. It is vital that they understand your area of distress and that you feel comfortable with them.
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Surviving & Thriving

A traumatic experience, once fully digested, often brings strength and even wisdom. Survivors can learn from their experiences and use them to thrive on the journey to autonomy. It is good to share stories from the many survivors of manipulation who have thrived after they escaped from undue influence.
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Heroic Imagination

The Heroic Imagination Project was founded by Philip Zimbardo to bring the insights of social psychology to a wider public to create positive change. It helps survivors to become thrivers and to share the lessons we have learned. The project’s mission statement is: “To encourage and empower individuals to take heroic action during crucial moments in their lives. We prepare them to act with integrity, compassion, and moral courage, heightened by an understanding of the power of situational forces.”
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