One of our readers has intelligently commented that our blog posts are perhaps a little heavy with references to cults. This is quite simply because most of our contributors have worked long and hard in that particular field.

The late great Margaret Singer long ago drew parallels between her work with ‘brainwashed’ GIs returning from the Korean War and women in coercive relationships. She extended this work to cult members in the 1970s. I came to similar conclusions somewhere around 1991, as I researched the underlying methods of Scientology and other cults.

We are at the early stages of our synthesis. I’ve been studying terrorism and gangs for almost two decades. More recently, with the help of Nick Child, I’ve looked at parental alienation and coercive control in relationships. I see the same all-too human dynamics in evidence in all behaviour, and I hope that as we progress there will be ever more contributions from other fields showing both the similarities and the distinctions between those fields.

Now that we have a Facebook page, we are open to comment. I must say that for the three years I’ve blogged at the Underground Bunker, the comments section has been a delight (despite the occasional troll) and I have learned a great deal from those contributing, so I’m eager to hear from readers in the hope that I can extend and refine my own understanding.

And please feel free to contribute not only comments but blogs – especially if you feel that your own area of knowledge or expertise is not properly represented.


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