In order to achieve our vision & mission and as part of our strategic direction, our team has established a set of agreed objectives, which guide and direct everything that we do. These objectives are consistent with our work with young people and our desire to achieve a “world without coercion” and we believe are appropriate and achievable within a reasonable timeframe.


We have five core objectives:

1. To become a world-leading, go-to expert on coercion and coercive control using a powerful and knowledgeable network.

2. To encourage critical thinking in young people, in order to reduce coercive control. This will help those already affected and those who could possibly be affected.

3. To ensure that the Open Minds Foundation is stable and self-funding and uses funds widely to achieve its aims. 

4. To collaborate with educational institutions by adding coercion training to their online & offline training programs.

5. To support complementary charities and groups which facilitate recovery from any type of coercion or coercive control, and signpost the professional support that victims of coercion can obtain, including legal advice and guidance to ensure that they are able to make informed decisions.


We will at all times also seek to maintain our values, uphold our promise and achieve our overarching mission & vision.