Undue Influence

Potential Recruits for Authoritarian Groups

There is a general belief that only weak people are taken in by authoritarian groups, but this simply isn’t true. Authoritarian groups have no interest in recruiting incapable followers; they want the smartest and most [...]

The Process of Undue Influence

The process of undue influence follows a predictable series of steps. First comes contact. This will either happen in person or through an advertising approach. It comes in many forms: flyers, posters, mailings, books, media [...]

No Safety in Numbers with Undue Influence

Any examination of history shows that people can be brought to believe almost anything. So, Germans voted away the right to vote and put all power in the hands of a scruffy, diminutive, dark-haired, brown-eyed [...]

How Easy is it to Trick the Brain?

Psychological studies have repeatedly shown how easily rational thinking is bypassed. Our perceptions are limited, and we interpret the meaning of those perceptions automatically. We “fill in” reasons for events that are hard to understand. [...]

Faith-based Medical Neglect and Undue Influence

With more than 8,000,000 purported members, it is likely Jehovah's Witnesses are the foremost example of faith-based medical neglect and undue influence. Although they have abandoned their anti-vaccination policy (1952), and their organ transplant policy [...]

The Paradox of Undue Influence

The great problem with undue influence is that it has a before and an after, but no during. While individuals are under the coercive influence, they will swear blind that they are acting out of [...]

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