Advisory Board Member Spike Robinson and Open Minds on Air podcast host Pearse Redmond are the most recent guests on the two back-to-back podcasts, Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Podcast.

For the first hour, Spike and Pearse visit with host Aaron Franz, and they take a serious look at some of the lesser known aspects of undue influence, such as magazine crews and time-share scams, as well as discussing high-control groups and the mechanisms of control. In the second hour, Uncle joins in for Uncle The Podcast, and the mood becomes a bit lighter as they talk about pop culture, American football, and even debate the feasibility of a combination spaghetti strainer/ mop bucket. 

Here is the first segment, on Trans Resister Radio, and here is the second hour, on Uncle the Podcast. Or you may listen to the two shows as one, here.