Those who habitually exploit others might not follow the rules, but they do follow a set pattern of behaviors. If you know how to recognize these actions for what they are, you can protect your friends, your family, and yourself, from abusive, manipulative people and groups. If you haven't already read our page on predatory individuals, you might want to do so before taking the quiz.

So, how well can you spot a predator?


Predators are people who:

Compared to the average person, a predator:
A predator enjoys:
After hurting someone, what is the one thing a predator would never do?

A predator’s apology will be:

In any relationship, group or situation, a predator most wants:

At first meeting, a predator will:

Predators exploit your sympathy by:

When you point out a predator’s bad behavior, they usually:

Predators are only concerned about:

Narcissistic predators demand constant admiration and:

To make themselves look as good as possible, predators will:

When criticized, a predator might explode in anger, but may also:

Caring people use “white lies” to spare friends’ feelings. But a predator lies to:

In addition to lying, predators:
Easily bored and looking for excitement, predators are:

Although quick to point out the weaknesses of others, predators always:

Above all else, predators: