Welcome to your Healthy Group Index

The leadership is chosen by general vote or consensus. p

Personal boundaries are valued and respected in our group. p

Everyone in the group is encouraged to be an individual. p

In the group, we are encouraged to put aside our individual goals for the greater good. n

I spend time pursing personal goals that have nothing to do with the group. p

We can have different opinions from other group members. p

There is at least one small point I don’t like about the group’s policies. p

Although I believe in the group and its goals, I’m not in 100% agreement with some of the scripture or the literature. p

We are encouraged to think independently. p

I am free to read any book, search any website, or talk to any person I want, even people who have left the group or are hostile to it. P

I don’t feel guilty or ashamed when I express doubt about the group’s teachings. p

I have the right to get good, complete answers to any questions I have about policies and beliefs of my group. p

People who ask a lot of questions about our policies and beliefs don’t last long in our group. n

I can freely debate any disagreement I might have with the policies or writings of the group.  p

I have lots of different things I enjoy doing that have nothing to do with the group. p

We have many rules about how we are to behave in our day-to-day lives. n

I have many friends who are not in the group, and I can spend time with them whenever I like. p

Those who leave the group are welcome to socialize with those still in. p

My group has no problem with me socializing with “outside” friends. p

Since joining the group, my outlook on life has stayed pretty much the same. p

Since joining the group, I’ve lost contact with old friends and some family, mostly those who disapprove of the group. N

I’ve lost at least one good friend I made in the group because they left. N2

It’s all right to express doubt about the group and its goals. p

Sometimes we have to hide things from outside authorities, because they just wouldn’t understand. N3

Overall, I spend much less on the group (in materials, courses, donations and fees) than I do on groceries. p2

Evil forces exist in our world, which are actively working against my group. N3

We have a high standard of behavior and those who fall short of the mark can expect to be disciplined by the leadership. N2

The group is only one facet of my life and there is plenty about me that has nothing to do with the group. P2

I have control over what I choose to do for the group, and when I do it. p

If I left the group, I would still be able to be friends with the people I met there. P2

I have close friendships with people outside the group as well as in. p2

The group has specific ideas about how people should live and act, and it’s important to follow these rules. n

The group is acting towards an important goal: if we fail to achieve it, the consequences would be disastrous, even on a cosmic scale. N2

The work we are doing couldn’t be done by any other group. N2

The leaders of the group have unique, special, important knowledge which I can only get from them. n

Everyone in my group is in complete agreement as to how people should act and how life should be lived. N2

The leaders of my group can and do make mistakes from time to time. P2

I don’t feel comfortable around people who criticize my group or the leadership. N2

Our rules and policies can be updated to meet the changing needs of the members. P2