Resources for Educators

Education is the cornerstone of the fight against undue influence; in the long run, what we teach our children has the long-term potential to prevent everything from domestic violence through to extremist radicalisation. Educators can encourage an understanding of how and why individuals can be influenced, and foster activities including debate, cultural education and problem-solving - all of which encourage individuals to question what they are told.

The Open Minds Foundation is happy to support with talks, debates and workshops in schools that can inspire and encourage students. Please contact us for more information.

Below are a few education-specific reading materials and a more extensive list of resources and links can be found on our recommended reading page.

HELPLINE: UK Child Support - Childline

Domestic Violence Abuse / Child Abuse Bullying

Childline offer support to young people up to the age of 19, with any issues they may have. With a focus on support, talking and counselling, young people can ring Childline with any issue, big or small.



HELPLINE: Swiss counter-cult

Cults / Sects

infoSekta is a consumer protection organisation which is independent of religious and political ties. They offer counselling for individuals, education and awareness campaigns, impartial information and support for individuals in Switzerland. Although they don't currently operate outside Switzerland, they do offer brilliant online resources and information, and are an excellent example of counter-cult initiatives.



RESOURCES: Domestic Violence Research Group

Domestic Violence

DVR provide research and resources for a wide-range of groups, including researchers, policy-makers, intervention providers, victim advocates, law enforcement, 
judges, attorneys, family court mediators, educators, and anyone interested in family violence.


I think the evils of the world are not yet the evils we are pursuing - John Le Carre interviewed on BBC2’s Culture Show, 13 October 2005