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Academic Resources

As part of our extensive network of supportive individuals, we have a number of academics who are working on related research projects, helping to quantify the problem of undue influence in order to facilitate change wherever possible. Our long-term ambition is to create a platform for academics to network, including an online discussion space…


For Healthcare Professionals

Resources for healthcare professionals

Undue influence can contribute to a number of different scenarios, which healthcare professionals often encounter, including victims of domestic abuse, vulnerable adults at risk of manipulation, individuals with specific medical beliefs dictated by a destructive group, and much more. It is key for healthcare professionals to understand…


Resources for legal professionals

Undue influence is a legal term, used to establish culpability in a number of different scenarios. From fraud to land ownership, criminal cases to civil disputes, undue influence can, and will often, be a contributing factor.

The law varies widely around the world, with different legal systems establishing their own legislation.…


Resources for Educators

Education is the cornerstone of the fight against undue influence; in the long run, what we teach our children has the long-term potential to prevent everything from domestic violence through to extremist radicalisation. Educators can encourage an understanding of how and why individuals can be influenced, and foster activities including debate, cultural education…


Resources for Law Enforcement Professionals

Law enforcement professionals, including police and the military, may encounter a wide range of cases of undue influence, from domestic violence and domestic disturbances, to human trafficking, through to security threats from extreme radicalisation. They may already have first-hand knowledge and experience handling these situations, but any additional knowledge can…


Resources for Clergy

From Christian Priests, Pastors and Lay-Ministers, to Rabbis and Imams, the clergy of non-totalist religious organizations can be a valuable influence to keep their congregants safe from scam artists, manipulators and cult-like groups. 

Below are some resources that the clergy may find useful, and if you require any specific advice or guidance, please  View

Recommended Reading

For your ease, we have created shorter, more relevant pages and reading lists for academicshealthcare professionalslegal professionalslaw enforcementclergy and educators, or the following compilation offers a subject-specific bibliography which individuals may find useful. This list is constantly growing and if you have…