Many years ago I was looking into Transcendental Meditation, and was attracted by what I read and the by the possibility for change in myself and others.

Then I saw a brief piece on TV showing how this movement led to people believing they could fly. Basically it was a kind of weird sitting-hop that in no way defied gravity. Looked crazy to me.

So I didn’t pursue it.

The End.

So why have I told this non-story?

Because this is why I’m so enthusiastic about the Open Minds mission: educating people and thereby helping them to avoid the traps. Of course, there will be stories about specific groups, cults, scams and so on, but I believe it’s a more important goal to distil, extract and convey the principles behind all manipulation.

Anti-virus programs use what’s termed “heuristic analysis” to trap new viruses that haven’t yet been formally identified. They do this by checking for behaviour, rather than known code. I see the information provided by Open Minds as being very similar and equally as valuable as describing known threats. After all, one is more likely to be trapped by something that doesn’t show up in an internet search.

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