One of our board members, Robert Örell, who is also the director of Exit Sweden, recently participated in the European Commission’s RAN Steering Committee meeting. Its focus was on the Annual Activity Plan for 2018. Örell also presented at the conference of the Brussels practitioner network Ufungu.

Robert Örell - Advisory Board Member - Public Speaker and Extremism Expert - Stockholm, Sweden

Robert Örell

The Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) of the European Commission is a EU wide practitioner network. Their aims are to share best practices, facilitate cooperation and develop practitioner-based policy recommendations to the EU member states. The ultimate goal is to prevent, respond to and counter violent extremism. Robert has been a member of the steering committee since 2011, and co-chairs the working group RAN Exit, which gathers practitioners who are interested in setting up, or have already set up, Exit work within the EU.

During the steering committee, representatives of the co-chairs of the nine working groups, together with the RAN Center of Excellence, discussed and finalized plans for the coming year’s activity. The RAN Exit working group will look at a number of specific areas, such as left-wing extremism and training for Exit workers, as well as learning from adjacent fields, such the issues of those leaving criminal gangs.

You can learn more about RAN and their activities, reports, events, and collection of best practices by visiting their webpage.

Robert Örell also presented the work and experiences of Exit Sweden to the Ufungu network, emphasizing the need for multi-agency cooperation, individual adapted interventions, as well as the important and challenging role of engaging ex-members in Exit work. The Ufungu (Swahili for key relations) network aims to gather practitioners, researchers, and policy makers engaged in the work of preventing and countering violent extremism (PVE/CVE) in the Brussels region. The network arranges conferences, where experienced researchers and practitioners share insights and experiences, with the goal of inspiring and motivating disengagement and Exit work within the Belgian context.

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