Rex Basterfield
  • Warley
    West Midlands
    United Kingdom

Rex Basterfield

Review Board Member

Now retired, Rex spent his whole working life in electronics and computers, for 37 years
working in the field of medical imaging specializing in X-ray digital cardiology, neurology and
general angiography for Siemens.

Rex’s brief involvement with Scientology in the mid-seventies, and his subsequent painful disillusionment, led to a life-long fascination with genuine science-based psychology and related fields and an ever-present interest in religions and cults.

Rex believes passionately in the principle of educating every person, as early in life as possible, to inoculate them against undue influence, in whatever form it may appear. He sees this as an urgent and important mission, not only for individuals but the whole of our global society.

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