Poul Bregninge
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Poul Bregninge

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Poul Bregninge is the author of Judgment Day Must Wait, an eye-opening expose about the 138-year ever-changing history of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), its manipulative policy makers and its knack for creating, disclaiming and sustaining fake news.

Poul was born in Denmark in 1936 and baptized into the Danish National Church. In 1938 his parents became JWs. In 1951 they separated due to disagreements about the religion. Poul’s mother died needlessly three years later due to Watchtower’s blood transfusion policy, but Poul still believed he was in the Truth.

In 1957 Poul went to jail after refusing to report for military training. Later that year, at his own request, he was transferred to a conscientious objector camp. There he met and “went to school” with an entirely different group of political idealists. Because of this unique turn in his life, Poul figured out how Watchtower manipulates its JW members, and decided to leave in 1959.

Poul wrote his first critical essay on the undue influence culture of JWs in 1963. It was published in a broad circulation Danish newspaper. Because of that article and many letters to the editor, in 1964 Poul was summoned to a “JW judicial committee trial” at a local JW Kingdom Hall. He attended the hearing and recorded the meeting with a tape recorder hidden in a briefcase that he had used while he was a JW. After the hearing, he was disfellowshipped and subsequently shunned.

Poul’s Shunning had significant consequences for him and his wife’s relationship with his JW in-laws and the rest of her family. The exclusion, however, was the impetus for Poul to write his first book, Jehovas Vidner under anklage (Jehovah’s Witnesses on Trial), published in 1966 by Hans Reitzel, a highly-respected Danish publisher.

Poul and his wife Birgit lived quite normal lives away from the JW movement, until1990, when Poul was approached by several former Witnesses in Denmark, who had all read Poul’s first book.

After Poul retired in 2003, he started writing his second book, Dommedag må vente (Judgment Day Must Wait), which was published in 2006 by Denmark’s largest and most prestigious publishing house, Gyldendal.

Poul personally translated Judgment Day Must Wait: Jehovah’s Witnesses – A Sect Between Idealism and Deceit into English and decided during the process to expand the book by about 150 pages. Dawn Johnson Americanized the manuscript which was published in 2013 and again in 2016 by YBK Publishers, NY. Poul’s book was further released as a kindle book in 2016.