Gail Benton
  • Leicester
    United Kingdom

Gail Benton, MCIPD

Advisory Board Member

Gail became a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji while reading politics at Exeter University; she was committed to the practice of his meditation and had several organizing roles in his Elan Vital organization. She was selected and trained by Maharaji as an instructor, traveling and speaking around the world for the guru. Gail was involved in the group for over twenty years before leaving with her partner Mike Finch, whose excellent book Without the Guru details their experiences.

Since leaving, Gail has dedicated herself to raising awareness of the damaging and insidious nature of this group and others, as well as supporting those exiting her former group. Gail considers the process by which an individual surrenders authority and abjures critical thinking in decision-making to be one of the biggest threats to the future of mankind, and is committed to employing her skills and experience to help provide training and education to help expose and counteract it, in line with the aims of the Open Minds Foundation.