Humor is anathema to predators – like garlic and the crucifix to any self-respecting vampire. Cult groups typically outlaw anything that sounds remotely like humor. In Scientology, for instance, this is called ‘joking and degrading’. In Life 102 – What to Do When Your Guru Sues You, Peter McWilliams talks about the very frosty reception he received from fellow followers of MSIA when he made fun of “Mystical Traveler” John-Roger.

The experience is universal – self-made gods demand absolute respect, so humor is an excellent therapy for survivors of this prim devotion, though it can be embarrassing to realize just how silly our beliefs were.

Yuval Laor brought this wonderful slice of British humor to my attention, and I hope you will join me in saying “Hebbo!” to Tarvuism.

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