“We want to show young people how they can resist being drawn into a coercive relationship, whether that be with an individual or with a group,” Jon Atack tells the gathered students at Salford University. The program, a master’s degree in the Psychology of Coercive Control, is, he says: “truly pioneering. This is something that should be taught from primary schools through to universities.”

In this 90-second video clip, Jon stresses that although such groups as Scientology and the Moonies are in decline, other coercive groups like the white supremacy movement and multi-level marketing scams are on the rise. “People don’t know how to evaluate information,” Jon cautions. “Our society has become absolutely riddled with coercive behaviour, because it’s become acceptable.” Jon warns us that predatory and abusive influence may be found in families, in companies, and in social groups, and so it is vital to teach our children to recognize and protect themselves from predatory influence, wherever they might encounter it.

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