Just a note to thank the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) for their Bordeaux conference. I had the privilege of offering some comments about terrorist recruitment, after Muzammil Quraishi’s excellent talk about his research into radicalization in UK prisons (the upshot is that this is media speculation rather than fact, which is reassuring). I also spoke on a panel with various experts on terrorism from the RAN-Exit group – including Open Minds Advisory Board member Robert Örell.

Several other board members and associates also appeared – including Frances Peters and Alex Stein – and Yuval Laor gave a fine presentation about awe and fervor, and their significance to recruitment and conversion. Sadly, Lee Marsh was unable to attend, but her slot was taken by Open Minds trustee Patrick Haeck.

It was a great pleasure spending time with so many friends, both old and new. My thanks to Rod Dubrow-Marshall and Michael Langone for squeezing me into the program. I’ll try to put in a submission on time for next year’s conference in Philadelphia!