If you are in the US and have been hurt by predatory alienation, please answer this important questionnaire.

Whether it’s called “shunning,” “disconnection,” “de-fooing,” or any of a dozen other terms, predatory alienation tears apart families and destroys relationships, stifles civil rights and poisons whole communities. Now, those who have experienced this form of undue influence have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard. We ran a blogpost about this a few days ago, but we’d also like to invite US citizens to report their experiences, so that legislators will have enough material to frame a new law protecting victims of predatory alienation.

As a result of a recent bill passed by the New Jersey legislature, the non-profit volunteer organization NJ Safe and Sound has devised a set of questionnaires for those whose lives have been affected by this manipulative behavior, whether you have had a family member or loved one alienated from you, or if you are being pressured to detach from your family or loved ones yourself, or even if you are merely a concerned onlooker; residents of all US states are encouraged to participate.

With enough cooperation and response to this important survey, and in concert with this innovative law, lawmakers everywhere will gain vital information upon the techniques, effects, and impact of predatory alienation. Let’s help them to change the world!

These questionnaires are not the property or the creation of The Open Minds foundation; we are highlighting this project because we strongly approve of the need to gather this important information.