Don’t Ever Let Go of the Basics

An accountant, known and respected for his accuracy and diligence at work, was nonetheless somewhat of a mystery in his small office for over a half century. Polite and soft-spoken, he talked very little and [...]

Jessica Terwiel on Conflict De-escalation

Jessica Terwiel recently appeared on the podcast “Left at the Valley”, discussing the often-neglected art of conflict de-escalation - stepping away and taking time to cool down. Jessica offers some solid life advice, sparkling wittily in her [...]

Why Open Minds?

Why are we called the Open Minds Foundation, and what precisely is an open mind? I was at the meeting where the name was first suggested, but was out of the room, and no one [...]

The Donkey and the Idol

Once there was a Donkey who belonged to a man living next to a temple. Every year, the temple had a festival, where the statue of the local god was carried around the town square [...]

What Do You Mean, “Scientific”?

A few weeks ago, a correspondent called me “anti-scientific”. It highlighted an important point: are we allowed to question a scientist’s view? And if we question the view of a particular scientist, are we being “anti-science”? [...]

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