The Paradox of Undue Influence

The great problem with undue influence is that it has a before and an after, but no during. While individuals are under the coercive influence, they will swear blind that they are acting out of [...]

Are You Being Misled Online?

Have you ever been misled online? If so, you are not alone! It’s not easy to discern fact from fiction online, especially for teenagers who grew up with the internet. But help is on the [...]

Spike and Pearse Talk to Aaron and Uncle

Advisory Board Member Spike Robinson and Open Minds on Air podcast host Pearse Redmond are the most recent guests on the two back-to-back podcasts, Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Podcast. For the first hour, [...]

Cyberscams – Undue Influence Online

Online scams have been around almost as long as the Internet itself: indeed, some of the scams floating around the net today are 21st century versions of much older frauds. While some scams – such [...]

Who Benefits from Hate and Fear?

The Squirrels and the Rabbits, after many years of feuding, were about to come to a truce. Most of the other animals rejoiced: they had grown tired of the endless scuffling in underfoot burrows and [...]

The Science of Persuasion – a Must-Watch Video

This charming and informative white-board video, narrated by our Advisory Board Member, notable author Robert B. Cialdini and his associate Steve Martin, illustrates Cialdini's six original laws of persuasion. Made before Cialdini revised his list of [...]

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